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Leverage the AccessAbility Advantage

We create custom staffing solutions for Twin Cities businesses with qualified workers for short-term project work and long-term employment, tailored to meet specific business needs. Contracts are developed in a variety of work settings including state, federal and commercial businesses. 


Our award winning team offers two unique workforce models. Direct Hire Services or Work Teams with No-Hassle Contracting offer a more flexible, diverse workforce solution than traditional placement services, without the fees!


Contact Us today to develop a custom staffing solution for your organization.

Direct Hire Services

  • Provides a no-fee staffing solution for direct hires

  • Matches qualified candidates to your business needs

  • Direct hires may qualify your business for significant tax credits

Work Teams

  • On-site working supervisors provide hands-on training, supervision, quality control and oversee work in progress

  • Supervisors provide support to ensure each person is successful and employer’s needs are met

  • Teams of any size can address ongoing or short-term projects, even with little notice

  • Enjoy No-Hassle Contracting, with all insurance, FICA, workers compensation, taxes, benefits and payroll handled by our team

SourceAmerica and AbilityOne

AccessAbility partners with SourceAmerica, a national organization that assists the Federal Government and commercial businesses in fulfilling their contracting needs by providing employment opportunities to individuals with significant disabilities under the AbilityOne program. 


The AbilityOne program leverages the purchasing power of the federal government to obtain employment opportunities for more than 50,000 people in the United States, who are blind or have other significant disabilities. AccessAbility currently has several service contracts under the AbilityOne program providing janitorial services, mess attendant services, document destruction, and document printing and collating services.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can meet your employment needs, please contact the Director of Community Employment at (612) 331-5958.

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