Contract Manufacturing & Assembly

Experience the AccessAbility Advantage
On or off-site contract management support

Our experienced work teams include supervisors, trainers, and lead operators who function as an extension of your own workforce and operate as a business within your business.


With lean, efficient production lines, we support a scalable workforce that’s tailored to complement your specific business requirements.  Free up HR staff by having us select, train, develop and manage your contract manufacturing workforce.  AccessAbility staff will monitor workforce productivity, quality and deadlines according to your unique operational procedures, so your staff can concentrate on other priorities. Training will include the correct processes and procedures for all tasks and related activities.

Let us be your contract Manufacturing Partner

AccessAbility operates its own business lines, therefore we understand the challenges you face every day.  Not only do we provide excellent workforce solutions, we provide value added services as well.


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Custom Solutions, Competitive Pricing

Contract Manufacturing Services

  • Kitting & Bundling Services

  • Bagging/Sealing

  • Collating/Sorting

  • Inspection/Quality Assurance

  • Custom Operations



  • Packaging

  • Order fulfillment

  • Shipping

  • Warehouse and distribution

  • Inventory management



  • Shrink-wrapping

  • Radio-frequency heat sealing (RF-sealing)

  • Heat sealing

Discover the power of Purpose

When you choose AccessAbility, you do more than benefit your business; you also positively impact your community. Not only will you lower production costs and scale your workforce to the needs of your business, you will also empower people with barriers to employment by providing them with meaningful employment they can take pride in.

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