Job Development & Support

Developing a Plan
Find your Perfect Job
Job Development & Placement Support

Placement staff assist individuals in the development and Implementation of an individualized vocational plan.  


The plan includes job interest development, creating or updating a resume, job search skills and assistance, interviewing skills, employer interactions, job placement, and follow-up services for the first 90 days to ensure success on the job.

Program Services

  1. Case Management

  2. Individualized Paid Assessments

  3. Individualized Program Development and Implementation

  4. Transitional Skills Enhancement

  5. Coordination of Special Services

  6. Workplace Adaptations/Assistive Technology

  7. Job Training and Placement Services

  8. Paid Work Opportunities

Job Coaching

When employment is secured, job coaching is offered to assist the individual with short-term, on-the-job training to monitor progress and help ensure success in the workplace. The job coach provides on-site job analysis, consultation, and work site recommendations as necessary. They work with the employee and employer to develop the best possible working relationship for both parties. A written report is completed after job coaching is completed.

Follow-up Support Services

Upon completion of job coaching services, on-going follow-up services may continue to be provided by a case manager from AccessAbility for as long as the employer and individual served desire.

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