Everyday Life Experiences

Zumba With Friends

Balancing Work, Leisure and Learning

Diverse Experiences = Personal Enrichment

Everyday Life Experiences (ELE) is designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking a program that offers a combination of work and recreational/leisure activities.


Paid work continues to be a part of ELE, but structured classes that provide exposure to new activities and community events are a big element of this program.

Sample List of Activities​

  1. Horticulture  

  2. Arts and Crafts

  3. Cooking/Baking

  4. Canning

  5. Community Volunteer

  6. Current Events

  7. Fantasy Football

  8. Sports and Games

  9. State Fair Class 

  10. Ethnic Foods

  11. Sewing/Quilting

  12. Science and Nature

  13. Out and About

  14. Pampering Ourselves

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