Friends Together

Gone Fishing!

Discover Life!

Social and Leisure Enrichment

Friends Together  is a lively, engaging,  person-centered program whose premise is to provide a discovery of life. Unique monthly classes are created using the input of persons served as a way to share their interests and hobbies with others. Persons served typically spend half their day in leisure exploration classes based on their interests and the other half of the day is spent in social activities in the community discovering new places and exploring the boundless opportunities for fun and learning in the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding area.  Paid work is not offered in this program.

“The purpose of recreation is not just to kill time, but to make time live;

Not just to keep people occupied, but to keep them refreshed;

Not just to offer an escape from life , but to provide a discovery of life.”

(Author Unknown)

Sample Classes and Outings​

  1. Arts and Crafts 

  2. Baking

  3. Cards-n-Coffee

  4. DVD/Wii Games

  5. Gardening

  6. Concerts and Plays

  7. Festivals

  8. Riverboat Cruises

  9. Fishing

  10. Bowling

  11. Picnics

  12. Nature Walks

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