Assistive Technology Partnership with AbleNet, Inc. Provides More Opportunities for Persons Served

Thanks to a 3-year partnership with AbleNet, Inc., which includes a generous donation of assistive technology devices, consulting and training services, and financial contributions, AccessAbility is able to offer persons served additional opportunities.

Our goal is to fully incorporate assistive technology into all of our DT&H programming. This would include Step Into Work, Friends Together, Everyday Life Experiences, Accessing Community Experiences, and even Evening Stars. We want to highlight assistive technology by making it the subject of some new class options, as well as weaving it into the fabric of our existing programming to further enrich the daily activities that we offer.

For Step Into Work, this could look like individuals researching information about writing a resume, educational programs, searching for job openings, or even creating their own virtual video resume so that they can better express who they are to potential employers.

For the ELE and ACE programs, we are excited to offer each person an individualized experience tailored to their specific interests and skills. Some of the favorite subjects so far have been music, art, gaming, and researching educational class options.

One of the best parts about incorporating assistive technology is that it creates a platform for some individuals to be able to engage with their peers and the world around them in a way that they may not have been able to before.

The Friends Together program will also benefit from this engagement component by offering individuals more options of ways to participate and interact with their peers, as well as offer them the access to research and plan group outings.

Our ideas are growing by the minute it seems, so we may have even more offerings soon!

AbleNet’s donation and partnership was made in support of the AbleTo Capital Campaign. Learn more about the AbleTo Campaign or make a donation Here.

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