Darby gets his Degree!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Darby has a strong, positive and contagious outlook on life. He attracts people with his wish to make the world better, despite his troubled past. Over 20 years ago, Darby was falsely accused of a crime and spent 20 years in prison. For the duration of his sentence, Darby stayed busy by pursuing and completing his GED. He did not stop there. He took it upon himself to help 11 fellow-inmates earn their GEDs by becoming the instructor of the GED class. Thanks to The Innocence Project, Darby was eventually released and all charges were dropped. After 20 years serving a sentence for a crime he did not commit, Darby was free. 

Once released, Darby continued his education by enrolling at Metropolitan State University, pursuing his BA in Criminal Justice Studies. Darby came to AccessAbility as an intern under the supervision of Stan Hill, Peer Recovery Coach in the Project Connect program. Stan says he is so grateful for Darby’s influence in Project Connect, AccessAbility's criminal re-entry program. Stan has enjoyed watching Darby mentor and encourage individuals in Project Connect to invest in themselves, to practice resilience, and to let go of grudges. Darby does not take his time or freedom for granted. Darby likes to spend his free time baking with his mom and going to the mall with his two daughters. Darby is considering pursuing his master’s degree in January to continue his new life purpose of helping others.

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