David’s Comeback Story

Published September 2017

David is an individual who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He began working at AccessAbility’s Step into Work program in April and quickly moved to the Secure Docs shred room. After a couple months of working at AccessAbility, David’s wife called to tell his case manager about how things had changed at home for David. She said that prior to David’s employment at AccessAbility, he was sleeping close to 20 hours a day, she had to get him up in the mornings, and she had to rely on a semi independent living services (SILS) worker to help do many of the chores around the house.

Since David started at AccessAbility, a lot of that has changed. David’s wife reports that now he no longer sleeps all day, and that there have been mornings where David has actually gotten himself up in the morning, made breakfast, and done chores. She says that she feels like she has her husband back.

David asked recently about the renovations going on at AccessAbility. After a conversation about the project with his case manager, David replied, “That’s a good use of money. This place really helps people like me to work.”

It’s nice to hear our mission statement reflected in the words of one of our persons served!

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