Mary Finds Her Way Back to Her Dream Job

Imagine having your dream job. You like the work. You like the environment. You like your coworkers. Mary, a motivated worker who suffered from chronic health issues, came to AccessAbility in 2002. She was placed in the community in a job she loved at a retail store, and happily worked there for over fourteen years. Then, the store eliminated her position and her health took a turn for the worst.

Mary found herself unemployed and suffering from a slew of mental and physical health issues. She was hospitalized for months, and was isolated from the larger community. Fortunately, Mary’s health improved. She learned better health management techniques, and was ready to get back to work!

With the help of her case worker, Mary created a new career plan. However, she already found a job environment she loved in 2002, and she desired to go back to work at her former employer. Her case worker helped her fill out the application for a new, different position and accompanied Mary to the interview for support. Mary landed the new job at the same store!

Mary is once again surrounded by the co-workers she enjoys, and is thriving in her new position at the store. Her case worker is always available for job coaching and other assistance if needed, but Mary seems to be doing great work on her own at a job she loves.

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Story by Karen Junker, EE Case Manager and Katie Fairchild, EE Job Developer


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