Mission Moment for AccessAbility

Tim was incarcerated for 17 years, which prevented him from creating memories with his family and establishing a career. As his release date was quickly approaching, he knew he would face many challenges, so he turned to AccessAbility for guidance to overcome these obstacles.

In AccessAbility’s Project Connect program, Tim was given the opportunity to work full-time while also learning new life skills. His production job helped him increase his professional, interpersonal, and vocational skills. Working in production

taught him the supply and demand of the job and the importance of taking work seriously. This helped create a new approach to Tim’s life: to not take anything for granted, to make better use of time, and to use the tools he learned to assist him in any situation.

“I gained so much work experience through AccessAbility’s programs. These experiences helped me get up every day and motivated me to work hard.”

Since graduating from Project Connect, Tim successfully obtained a job in the community as a sales director at Becker Furniture. With his previous experience in sales, he aspires to move up to a management position by providing exceptional customer service. He looks forward to starting this new chapter in life primarily focusing on work and creating memories with his family.

“AccessAbility’s programs and staff members have benefited me tremendously. They provided me with the tools I needed to succeed. Thank you.”

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