New West Entry Named for Mary Groves Anderson

The west entrance of AccessAbility’s 360 Hoover Street NE building in Minneapolis was reengineered and expanded as part of the AbleTo Campaign building renovation and expansion project. The campaign’s cornerstone funder, Groves Foundation, was given the opportunity to name the new entrance. Mr. Franklin (Skip) Groves, Jr., President of the Groves Foundation, did the dedication of our brand new west entry at the AbleTo Campaign Grand Opening and Dedication on May 17, 2018. Here is what Skip said about deciding on the name.

"When it came to naming the new space for the AbleTo Campaign, lots of names were suggested but they just didn’t fit. A friend of mine asked me a couple of key questions: 1) Why do you give to Accessibility? 2) Why does the Foundation help people with cognitive and physical disabilities? I thought about it for a while and it became clear that the answer to both of those questions was Mary. I shared with my father that I thought the new space should be named for Mary Groves Anderson, and he responded, “Perfect.”

Mary was born in 1925. She was the first child of Frank and Hazel Groves. When she was born the doctors came to them and said there was a problem. Mary was born with cerebral palsy so the doctor suggested to them that they put her in an institution, which was common at that time. They said no. Frank and Hazel took their daughter home and made all the accommodations she needed. They learned how to do physical therapy and other things for her needs and Mary, for all accounts, had a very successful life. She graduated high school and went on to the University of Minnesota where she impressed her teacher and her mentor because of her intellect and her tenacity. Her mentor was Hubert Humphrey who became a lifelong friend to her.

In the late 40s, Mary went to her father and asked that he support the fledgling Cerebral Palsy Association and he did. He continued that support until 1954 when he developed the Groves Foundation, which has supported Accessibility since. Without Mary, Groves Foundation would not exist. Therefore, the Groves Foundation is pleased to dedicate AccessAbility’s new space in the name of an unsung hero, Mary Groves Anderson."

Accessability, Inc. couldn’t be more proud to be associated with and carry on the legacy of a person as remarkable and forward-thinking as Mary Groves Anderson. We are grateful for our long-standing partnership with Groves Foundation and for their support of individuals living with cognitive and physical disabilities. Thank you to Skip and the Groves Foundation for all that they do for Accessability and our community at large.


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