Shane's New Outlook On Life

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

After a “touch from God” woke him up from a bad sleep at 3am one morning, Shane decided to write down all of the thoughts and ideas swirling in his head. He continued writing every day until he had enough material to write his book, “Touch From God”. His writing gave him a worthwhile goal to shoot for and made him realize he could work toward goals in other aspects of his life, too. He was determined to not let his past determine his future once he was released from prison. Shane’s outlook on life was based on his turbulent childhood, which was filled with drugs and emotional and physical abuse and led him to believe he had no power over his own life. Through his writing, he realized he was capable of controlling his destiny, and he was determined to make positive changes. Shane realized he would “only achieve [progress] if he stopped looking back on the past.” He knew he needed to put past hurts behind him, learn to forgive himself, and “let God in”.

Shane joined Project Connect when he was released from prison in 2018, and he considers the support he received from the team to be extremely helpful during his vocational and social programming. He achieved basic education testing, life skills training, employment readiness, OSHA 10 certification, and paid work experience at AccessAbility’s recycling facility. Following successful completion of the program, Shane obtained a job with Honeywell as a lead material handler and forklift operator, and he was recently promoted to shift lead supervisor. Expressing gratitude for Project Connect, Shane added “Nothing was easy, and none of this would have been possible without he Project Connect Team and God. Thank you.” Shane married the love of his life this past year and is now planning to move to Texas to get away from the Minnesota winters.

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