Surya Finds a Way!

Surya has been a part of AccessAbility’s (AAI) family for seven years! She participates in our long term employment programs through Day Training and Habilitation (DTH). She is completely blind but has amazingly increased her independence and self-sufficiency over the years.

Working in partnership with her AAI case manager and team, she has found innovative ways of working that allow her to participate in the same employment and recreational activities as her colleagues with very limited adjustments, if any at all.

Surya spends half of her time participating in work activities and the other half doing recreational activities. She loves the variety of activities she gets to experience. With the help of her case manager, Surya has learned to use the vending machine, crack an egg, and understand colors!

Outside of AAI’s day programs, Surya is an avid participant in Evening Stars and the Special Olympics programming and has even taught a braille class to her fellow program participants. When she is working in our on-site production center, she performs a variety of tasks with multiple steps. Some of her favorite jobs have included card packaging and balloon folding, among others. Sometimes she uses extra tools such as a heat sealer when required for the job.

AccessAbility provides an environment where Surya feels empowered to participate in life-enriching experiences and to contribute to our community in meaningful ways. It’s great having a team member who always finds a way to go above and beyond expectations!

Your donation provides opportunities for life-enrichment and self-empowerment for Surya and others.

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