The Board of Directors of AccessAbility, Inc. Selects Michael Krebsbach as Interim President & CEO

Dear Accessibility Community:

I am extremely honored to serve as the interim President/CEO of AccessAbility, Inc. Before serving as AccessAbility’s CFO/COO, I had an extensive career in corporate finance and management. As I have worked with AAI’s team members and met the people-we-serve, it became apparent that AAI, a nonprofit, is where I belonged. The positive nature of the people we serve, who are happy to be here and working, is infectious. AccessAbility, Inc makes a real difference in the community, and our mission and commitment to the community has added real, human meaning to my finance and management career.

I would like to personally thank Barbara Arnold, our exiting president/CEO, for creating this mission-driven culture the past 17 years. I have inherited a product of which we are already proud, and I’m excited for the next steps.

Barbara once remarked, “Every person deserved the dignity of earning a paycheck.” As the next President/CEO of AccessAbiltiy, I intend to honor and build upon this sentiment. Over the next few years, we will focus on enhancing the program offerings to all the people we serve and enhancing the stability of AAI.

For the people we serve, this means a wider variety of work available, a broader scope of community inclusion activities such as Evening Stars, integrating more adaptive technology, and enhancing our programs to meet the changing needs of the community. For stability, this means continuing to enhance the use of technology, developing opportunities for our team members, and upgrading the assets of our organization.

AccessAbility has some of the most dedicated staff, clients, and community members I’ve encountered in my 40-year professional career. The leadership team is unparalleled in their depth of experience, empathy, and genuine dedication toward the mission of AccessAbiltiy. With this dedication and approach to leadership, I am confident that AAI will be able to accomplish any goals and objectives.

I hope you will join me in my excitement for the new leadership at AccessAbility, Inc, and my personal commitment and dedication to remain firm in our mission to provide opportunities for self-sufficiency for people with barriers to employment and community inclusion.


Michael Krebsbach

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