Volunteer Chef Chris Cooks in ACE’s Kitchen

On Thursday, July 19, there was a savory aroma in AccessAbility’s hallways, which became stronger as you got closer to the Accessing Community Experiences (ACE) Room. The person responsible for creating this situation was special volunteer guest Chef Chris Garvey!

Chris currently works at a local gourmet burger restaurant in St. Paul and decided to share his culinary skills and talents with participants in our ACE Program on his day off from work. His wife, Danielle, who is a part of AccessAbility’s nursing team, brought him in for a tour of our programs prior to the completion of our building renovation and expansion project. Like most people, Chris was touched by our work and the people we serve, and promised to visit again. When Danielle told him about ACE’s new kitchen, he got excited and decided to come back to test it out.

He came prepared---kitchen tools, spices, secret ingredients and more. His aim was to prepare the best chicken primavera pasta—from scratch, that we’ve ever tasted—and did he hit the target big time! ACE program participants and staff all witnessed his kitchen moves and kept his company the whole time!

When done, each participant (and staff) got a taste of the delicious dish with a side of fried chicken strips, and everyone agreed it was everything that it smelled like and more. Chef Chris did not disappoint! Not only is he a master of his craft but he is also very passionate about creating food from scratch and using fresh, organic ingredients for healthy eating. He earned his Associate's Degree in Applied Science - Culinary Arts (cooking and baking) from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

It was fun having Chef Chris volunteer with us. He definitely put smiles on many faces and fed many mouths. He is welcome to test out our kitchen anytime!

Do you have knowledge, experience, skills or talents that you would like to share with our program participants? Contact us today.

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