Volunteers Wanted for Life Enrichment Programs

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” – Sherry Anderson

The City of Minneapolis Volunteers plant trees outside the building.

Volunteers are amazing and they make our world and communities are better place to live and thrive! Volunteers make a huge impact on the work we do and the people we serve at AccessAbility. They help to improve our programs and services and the lives and experiences of the individuals we serve.

The impact is also felt by volunteers themselves. Research shows that there are many benefits to the volunteer as well, including the following:

· Learn first-hand about the organization

· Gain a better sense of purpose

· Boost self esteem

· Expand personal and professional connections

· Gain a good and rewarding feeling

· Gain new experiences

· Build your resume

· Improve your physical health and live longer

· More

We are always looking for volunteers to share their skills and talents with our Day Training and Habilitation (DTH) program participants. Our life enrichment programs are in need of volunteers in the following areas on an ongoing basis:

  • Gardening – Work in our greenhouse or in our accessible outdoor garden space and assist staff with gardening projects and activities. Opportunities are available during the daytime and evening hours.

  • Music – come play your favorite instruments or sing for us, especially for our Evening Stars program! We are also seeking a volunteer music therapist.

  • Art – Come demonstrate your favorite art skills like drawing, sculpting, and crafting! We are also seeking a volunteer, experienced art therapist.

  • Chef or Baker – The Hoover Street location of AAI has two newly renovated life skills kitchen facilities. Come provide accessible cooking and baking lessons and workshops!

  • Therapy Animals – We LOVE animals! Dogs, cats, rabbits, and small farm animals are all welcome! However, we are only seeking animals with obedience training and have been screened for their abilities to interact favorably with humans and other animals. A NSAR member is preferable.

  • World Culture and Travel – Did you go on a vacation to a faraway location? Did you grow up in another country whose culture is very different from Minnesota? Do you have pictures, videos, stories, and other methods to illustrate your experience? We would love to hear about it!

  • Tours of places and spaces in the community – The people we serve routinely go places in the community like libraries, music and book stores, parades, and other community events. We are looking for even more opportunities of a similar nature like tour of firehouses, farms, bakeries, stadiums or anything else that provides an engaging experience!

We love to hear about other ideas you have that are not listed!

Please contact Amy Jones, Recreation Services Manager, at ajones@accessability.org or (612)852-1847 for more information or to share your ideas!

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