Xcel Energy Volunteer Team

Where our Mission Meets Yours

Our mission is to provide opportunities for self-sufficiency for people with barriers to employment and community inclusion.  Building volunteer partnerships with individuals and businesses throughout the community is an important part of our success in meeting our mission.


We offer many different events and activities in order to provide a wide variety of choices to the people we serve, so there are many different volunteer opportunities for you or your company to become involved in.  

Contact us at (612) 852-1809 or jgale@accessability.org to discuss unique volunteer opportunities for you or your company.

Sample Volunteer Opportunities

  • Special Events (5k/Walk, Evening Stars events, etc.)

  • Gardening

  • Painting and light maintenance at our facilities

  • Music Therapy

  • Life skills training

  • Mock interviews

  • Employment skills training (resume building, conflict resolution, etc.)


Any Ideas?

Because the scope of our programs is vast, there are opportunities to create specialized volunteer experiences based on your specific skills or interests, so just because something is not listed here does not mean that there isn't a need.  We welcome your creativity!

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