Mission: AccessAbility 

provides opportunities for self-sufficiency for people with barriers to employment and community inclusion

AAI COVID-19 Update

Throughout the pandemic period, AccessAbility remained committed to our mission of providing support and opportunities for those we serve. Our leadership team worked hard to balance our social responsibility with our mission, considering the comfort, health and safety of our persons served and staff.

What AccessAbility, Inc. is doing:

At the onset, AAI implemented more rigorous disinfecting protocols, required masks to be worn, and reconfigured spaces to allow for proper social distancing. With the recent surges, we also purchased acrylic floor dividers, table dividers, and furnishings to accommodate a larger number of people returning to work in a safe and healthy manner.  

We are excited that more of our persons served are returning and want to make sure you and those who care about you know we are going to great lengths to help protect your health as you return to your more normal routine. 

As you can imagine, just as many other businesses, AccessAbility was impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. Restrictions on our vulnerable populations and their place of residence, as well as family and caregiver concerns, dropped program attendance to a small proportion of normal participation. With some restrictions still in place, we are hoping to be at half-volume by the end of November. Our cause is important--provide opportunities for under-served people with disabilities and other barriers to employment and community inclusion to gain life-enrichment and self-sustainment. As you make decisions about how to use your year-end giving dollars, please thoughtfully consider AccessAbility. 

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